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Purple Urkele Strain Review

“Ummm…Did I do that?” Yes, the grower of this strain definitely did! Purple Urkele hopefully wasn’t an accident and just as the character played Jaleel White this strain is unforgettable. It is said this strain was first cultivated in the 80’s and some consider it a “classical” marijuana strain.

Purple Urkele has a slightly mysterious background. Some allege it branches off from the Granddaddy Purple strain. Some allege it branches off from Mendicino purps; well either way it is purple dankness. Like the name indicates Purple Urkele tastes of grapes, lavender, and sweet berries. The thick and smooth smoke is delicious to engage. Naturally, the nuggets are purple with orange hairs swirling around the short and compact nuggets.  

Purple Urkele has a THC range between 18 and 22%. This strain also has a CBD level around .36% adding medicinal potency to the psychoactive effects. Although, it is said this strain is a 50/50 hybrid I do not feel the balance. I feel indica dominance for certain. After the sweet taste of lavender berries hits the palette enjoy the descent into muscle relaxing comfort. The relaxation intensifies to your choice of couch-lock or sleep. Enjoy to treat muscle spasms, chronic pain, and insomnia.