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Purple Sleigh Ride Strain Review

I thank Greenshock Farms for creating the Purple Sleigh Ride (PSR) on which I just took a ride. If you are looking for reviews on this one good luck. I found a few that said its a sativa/indica and generically described flavors. So we got another new one here. Let’s get into it.

The lineage is unknown here. Although Purple is in the name I do not think it hails from Granddaddy Purp or Purple Haze. Purple Punch is well balanced hybrid with a synthesis of other strains creating the fruit punch skunk like flavor. PRS has a definite sweet and fruity taste of tropical and flavors and HI-C. The smoke has a linger of skunk and a slight piney after taste. It is alleged by a few sites that this strain has THC level of 19.5% I find it odd to have an exact number down to the tenth and not a range, but the effects are that of a moderate leveled strain.

I tried PRS early in the afternoon. Instantly a happy and elating body effect engaged. It was not heavy or draining at all. Hit with a friend and we laughed at the economic brilliance of Carmen’s social distancing on Southpark walking out the door. I had energy and focus running errands afterwards. The buds of PRS are sporadically shaped nuggets with some lavender, orange, and dark green leaves swirling around its loose structure. The smell of tropical punch hits the nostrils as you break open the buds. Enjoy the Purple Sleigh Ride!