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Purple Push Pop Strain Review

The push pops were the shit growing up as a child. Something about pushing it up as you enjoyed each sloppy ass lick of the treat was just divine. You thought you could push the pop up forever and had no real clue of how much was left until you knew it was gone in a few licks.

Grand Daddy Kush

“Something New… From Select Co-op to you… Something, something new, to enjoy for you! Hear my DJ Clue metal echo voice to the Grand-Daddy IU melody. Let’s see why I’m sounding all these alarms, shall we? Purple Push Pop is an indica lovers dream. If you like the sweet sugary flowers you can only enjoy for an hour or so this is for you…

OG Kush

This Purple Push Pop strain tastes of sweet, sugary, berry milk decadence. Like a popsicle. The immediate effect was a blast of euphoric thought creativity. I said thought creativity, because they were just thoughts. The long-term effect was fading into couch-lock nap-time!

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