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Purple Punch Strain Review

“Goodnight sweet heart, cuz its time to go”…Rest well, slept tight, and smile as you drift into relaxation. Purple Punch is a beautiful indica strain. After work, dinner, or a workout this is the ideal strain for those needing muscle relaxation or pain relief.  

Purple Punch is the child of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. The appearance of Purple Punch is hypnotizing with lime green nuggets covered with reddish hairs displaying intensely radiant trichromes…and that is just the appearance. The nuggets release overwhelming scents of blueberries, grapes, and sweet tea like aromas. The taste is like sipping on your grape favorite cough syrup as child…but this cough syrup is NyQuil. You will get your Zzz s.

The effects of Purple Punch are instant and undeniable. The mind is relaxed into a soft cloud of euphoria while the body gently follows suit to embrace tingles of relaxation that glides over the entire body. The mental effect is care-free couch-lock. Plan to do nothing…NATHAN after Purple Punch use. Experienced users have enjoyed masking powerful hash from this dynamite indica for its sedative properties. Use with extreme caution. If you enjoy late night be prepared to awake trying to remember how and when you went to sleep as you arise well-rested like you have been in cryogenic hibernation for centuries.

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