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Purple Punch Strain Review

What do you get when you cross an amethyst with Terence Crawford? Purple Punch of course. If you do not know, Terrence Crawford is the best boxer in the world. I said it. It is not his fault his management sucks and makes bad decisions for his career…. Like Purple Punch Crawford is undefeated in putting folks to sleep (mostly).

Granddaddy Purple

Purple Punch is the product of crossing Grand Daddy Purps with Larry OG. If folks know their strains I could just end this right here. What else needs to be said. When you mix Grand Daddy Purp with anything you basically get a variation of knock your ass out indica Grand Daddy Purp! This is knock you on your ass indica GDP energy for sure.

Larry OG

Purple Punch is said to be 80% indica. This strain can get up to 20% THC levels while offering 1% CBD. This is for night-time use or if you intentionally want to be in an altered state all day. Enjoy indica lovers!

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