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Purple punch

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Purple Punch Strain Review

I have been grinding on an end of summer workout routine I put together. As I am progressively lifting heavier weights doing compound movements and doing more weighted body weight exercises I need some good indicas to recover and wind down at night. Select has Purple Punch to KO me so that will do the job

Purple Punch is an 80% indica strain created by crossing Larry Og and Grand Daddy PurpsPurps is legendary as an indica pain relieving night ending medicine. Purple Punch also has 1% CBD and can get up to 20% THC levels. I think this strain may have topped out a little higher, but what do I know.

The sweetness of grapes, blueberries, and herbal nectar fills the taste of this thick smoke that goes down easy. Instantly the body relaxation begins to develop while bliss and euphoria fill the mind. My knee pain was noticeable as I let the sounds of Burna Boy fade me out to voluntary couch lock followed by sleep. I made it to the actual bed eventually.

Purple punch
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