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Purple Mendo Strain Review

Purple Mendocino, aka Purple Mendo, is an indica dominant strain. Although, it is described as a 60/40 indica dominant strain, the sativa effects are barely noticeable. This strain has powerful indica properties. This strain was bred by the BC Bud Depot (dope company name for a breeder). Purple Mendo hails from a lineage of purple strains.

Oh my goodness! This is a treat for those that toke for exceptional taste and aroma. When you open the bag scents of lavender, pine, earthly dank, grapes, and a slight citrus scent fills the air. Here is where terpenes, the compounds responsible for plants aromas and properties, comes into play. Purple Mendo is a cornucopia of exotic scents that combine beautifully.

The first toke is a decadent treat. Slight caramel and chocolate flavors combine with pine, and grapes to deliver a beautiful experience to the palette. The taste hits in stages…the chocolate sweetness, the dank, and a slight berry delight on the exhale. Purple Mendo is definitely an indica strain. At THC levels topping out at 22% it provides powerful evening relief. This definitely put me on the couch. I was not locked into the sitting position, but I did not move too much afterwards.