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Purple Maui Strain Review

"Purple Maui is the creation of crossing Maui Wowie and Grand Daddy Purple. I love this strain's effects. I love this strain's effects."

I heard a reviewer say that Purple Maui is also called Maui Purple… OK, will all have to fill space in a post even if we state obvious shit. Let’s get into this awesome sativa, or a sativa that is awesome!

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Purple Maui is the creation of crossing Maui Wowie and Grand Daddy Purple. I love this strain’s effects. Honestly, I am not a fan of Maui Wowie on its own as it’s too lightly of a sativa. However, this crossing leaves the potent taste and effect of Purp while leaving the mind focuses, energized, and elated.  

Grand Daddy Purple

This strain THC levels top out at 15%. This strain tastes of sweet tropical fruits blended with grapes and berries balanced by a spicy earth tone dankness on the back end. The contrast is stark! Enjoy 4:20 users!

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