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Purple Martian Kush Strain Review

You might as well name this strain “The Boov”! It has been some time since watching animated movies with my daughters; they are too old now. I remember the film “Home” though. The movie starred a purple cowardly alien. I had to ask the folks at DC Cooperative about it. Anyway let’s talk about the Purple Martian Kush strain review

Purple Martian Kush Strain Crossings

Purple Martian Kush Strain 2

This is what Purple Martian Kush brings to mind. Some expert genetic manipulation occurred to make this strain. Purple Martian Kush is the product of crossing Purple Kush, Blackberry Kush, and Martian Mean Green. Simple name to take a title from each strain and still gives an enticing moniker.

Purple Martian Kush Strain Percentage and Taste

Purple Martian Kush may top out at 21% THC levels. The strain may get up to 1% CBD, but not enough for therapeutic uses. Purple Martian Kush tastes of sweet berries, grapes, and a spicy dank Kush element on the back end. This is evening toking for my uses. The strain will quickly arouse you only to sedate you shortly thereafter.  

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