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Purple Mamba Strain Review

Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant. This strain could be named after him, Yes, the black mamba was his nickname for his deadly game. However, he was a Laker so Purple Mamba makes sense!

Sound the DJ Clue metal echo voice… “New strain, new strain”! Purple Mamba is the creation of crossing Blue Bubble Juice and Dominica. This strain smacks your tastes buds with a blast of berries, sugary cream, and spicy peppery pine. It is a lot to decipher and it makes you want to smoke more.

If you do smoke more be weary that a couchlock is shortly to come. This strain is said to get up to 19% THC levels with .01%CBD. The CBD effect is not really much to speak of, but this strain indica properties are heavy. This is for evening use for sure!

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