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Purple MAC Strain Review

Think of a Mack. Envision the fly velvet suit like King Jafi Jafir. The shades and matching hat. This Purple Mac Strain Review is a hybrid. “New strain, new strain in a cool ass DJ Clue monotone echo voice!”

You got to be fly to call yourself a mac. This is the creation of crossing MAC strain and Purple Punch. The result is a 50/50 slightly indica leaning hybrid. This strain review can get up to 26% THC levels. I said this strain is slightly indica leaning; novices should beware!

Purple MAC strain review is by no surprises tastes of sweet grape and berry sugary candy with hints of citrus and peppery spices as an added treat. This strain is an ideal evening wind down strain. Initially you will be primed to cook, make evening calls or posts, and tackle creative endeavors. However, in an hour or so you will be gradually winding down into a chill relaxed vibe that is just above couch-locked. Good recommendation from Select Co-Op.

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