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Purple Krunk Strain Review

From the window, to the wall. To the sweat drip down and fall… To all skeet, skeet, skeet… I am still amazed Lil’ Jon was able to say that on the air and live in concert on TV. He had Karens on half-time of sports shows singing it loud! Hey, but that’s Krunk, but we not only have Krunk, we got that Purple Krunk.

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Yes, cue the DJ Clue metal voice… New strain, new strain! Purple Krunk is a hybrid I am definitely feeling. I have been moving away from sativas and getting into more early late evening toking that helps to mellow the evening down and muscle recovery. Purple Krunk fits that bill. The effets hit with an energetic bliss that had me gliding through a making lamb sausage, cream cheese stuffed mushrooms and broccoli.

Purple Krunk’s indica side comes on slowly but is not overpowering. The body relaxing effects are welcome for those looking to unwind, but go to sleep on your own choosing. Purple Krunk assists the evening wind down process without dominating it. This strain is a cross between Skunk #1 and Coconut Kush. The flavor of Purple Krunk bursts forth with tropical fruits, berries, citrus, and a piney spicey with a little diesel mixed in for a bonus. The taste is an eclectic treat.

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