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Purple Gorilla Strain Review

Purple is always a bittersweet experience for me. I love the taste of grape and fruity sweet berries combined with a little dankness. Purple Gorilla gets its purple energy from Mendicino Purps as its progenitor. I suspect the Gorilla in the name comes from a possible crossing with Gorilla Glue.

I suspect Gorilla Glue is in the mix because the cerebral and focus of the mental effects is more intense than other purples I have had. Purple Gorilla is said to have a THC level of around 17%. But its effects are more potent that such a moderate level would indicate. Combine that with the fact that Purple Gorilla has a CBD level of 1% its medicinal properties are potent.

Purple Gorilla hits with a nice focused energy to begin. Elation and possible glee may hit. You may not notice the ocean of relaxation and pain relief that is washing over you. The effects ride for hours. I was not couch-locked but was close. This is for evening use; definitely!

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