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Purple Dream Strain Review

Let’s appreciate what is happening here. Blue Dream is a classic for cannabis connoisseurs. It is famous for its blueberry taste and balanced blend of cerebral effects and body relaxation. Purple Kush is a potent indica known for the sweet purple taste and comatose body effects. Combine Purple Kush and Blue Dream and I present to you the amazing strain of Purple Dream!

The taste is decadent. The sweetness and creaminess of Blue Dream provides a blanket of sweetness on the initial pull. The Purple comes in nicely afterwards hitting with tropical elements and piney dankness on the exhale. The flavors combine for an eclectic sweet and spicy treat. Do not get this strain confused with a crossing of Grandaddy Purp and Blue Dream that often incorrectly goes by the same moniker.  Appreciate my guy at Select Co-op for clarifying.

Purple Dream registers THC levels ranging between 15% to 20%. Its moderate potency makes this an ideal medicinal strain that provides relief without intoxicating mental effects and couch-locking body effects. Make sure to have water nearby as this strain brings on dry-mouth and the munchies will follow. I would have some broccoli, mangoes, or berries near by for the terpenes in the food to balance the adverse effects of the strain.