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Purple Crack Strain Review

I dont’ know karate, but I know Ka___ , fill in the blank.

Did you say “Karazy”… Sometimes a thing becomes so common and ingrained even if it aint right. 

The lyric is I “know Karazor”; a more powerful option.  

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When I think Purple I automatically think Haze with an overwhelming powerful indica high.  

That is what I associate with Purple. Purple Crack has corrected my assumptions.

I love everything about Purple Haze except for the lethal couchlock indica sleep it puts on me. Purple Crack is not crossed with Haze but rather Blackwater or Juicy Fruit and Green Crack to provide a fruity floral taste similar to Purple Haze, along with some nice body relaxation while the sativa of green cracks elevates with a deep and clean lasting cerebral effect. As spoon as I saw Purple I just knew it was going to be an indica. However, my guy at Select-CoOp assured me this was a winner to roll with. I thought I knew the famous line in James Browns The Big Payback…I thought I knew that Purple meant sleepy time indica in a hybrid. It is good to let go of assumptions! Thank you Select, Thank You!