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Jul 25, 2023
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Puffco Celebrates Ten Years With the New Peak Pro

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Over the last decade, Puffco has absolutely revolutionized hash culture. In June, the award-winning cannabis vaping equipment and accessories manufacturer celebrated its decade-long journey with the New Peak Pro electronic bong.

Puffco CEO and founder, Roger Volodarsky, announced a touch-up of the Peak Pro rig to a group of invitees made up of,  hash manufacturers, industry elites, and brand associates.

Since its inception, Puffco has recorded almost 2 million sales across 30 countries. The company continues to be a leading advocate in redefining how people treat cannabis and its products. Puffco commits to educating its community and improving cannabis users’ experience by providing state-of-the-art equipment and accessories. 

What better way to mark it’s 10 year anniversary than by unveiling the New Peak Pro? The premium smart e-rig is an upgrade of it’s immensely popular Peak Pro. It blends cutting-edge technology and exquisite craftsmanship, to give hash users’ an out of this world experience.

A Trail Blazer in Cannabis Consumption Industry

Since its establishment in 2013, Puffco has remained at the forefront of cannabis concentrate consumption with its line of innovative devices earning it several awards like High Times Best Vaporizer in 2016 and 2017.

With a team of over 100 specialists, the brand prides itself on pushing the boundaries of traditional product development.

Puffco has maintained consistency over the years with its ever-expanding selection of accessories that perfectly balance design and functionality. From the iconic Puffco Peak Pro to the cutting-edge Proxy vaporizer pipe, the convenient Plus portable concentrate pen, and the discreet Cupsy bubbler, Puffco offers a diverse lineup of devices perfect for any cannabis consumer.

In a show of gratitude for the journey so far, Puffco deems the new Peak Pro, a perfect 10th-anniversary gift to their ever-supportive vaping community.

Top Features of the Puffco Peak Pro

Let’s dive into the bells and whistles that make the New Peak Pro a true game-changer:

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The patented 3D Chamber is a masterpiece in itself. In addition to its lightning-fast heating capabilities, it boasts an extended battery life, ensuring longer sessions and unparalleled flavor.

Again, the New Peak Pro goes above and beyond with its Joystick Cap and enhanced perc slots in the glass, offering smoother puffs and producing a satisfying vapor cloud.

Customization and convenience take center stage with the revamped Puffco Connect app, featuring Advanced Metrics and Vapor Control. You can adjust settings to your liking, monitor your sessions, and tailor your vaping experience to suit your needs. The New Peak Pro puts you in control.

True to its name, the smart New Peak Pro takes your vaping experience to an all-new height with state-of-the-art hardware and tech-savvy touches that uplift the potency and flavor of your concentrate. It’s a delight for hash connoisseurs who seek exceptional value and unmatched satisfaction in every puff.

The Journey Continues…

After launching Peak in 2018, Puffco has made hash equipment and accessories more accessible to the vaping community by significantly slashing the cost of its products. What used to require a pricey rig and attachments worth thousands now goes for just a couple hundred bucks.

However, Puffco understands that users desire products that reflect their individuality. This inspired the introduction of customizable glass toppers for Peak, which quickly became a trend. Puffco introduced new colorways and collaborated with leading glass experts to create elegant art pieces for an overall aesthetic upgrade.

Thanks to Puffco’s user-friendly devices and enlightening programs, hash and cannabis culture today is as widespread as it’s ever been. For proof, look no further than canna-tech once exclusive to industry events which can now be found in headshops nationwide.

“Our goal has been to make concentrates more accessible to everyone by creating safer, high-quality devices that give customers an unparalleled experience,” says Volodarsky during the anniversary. 

“It’s incredible to see that mission reaching people worldwide today,” Puffco’s boss added.

Destiny Obasohan is a staunch advocate for cannabis legalization and education. He’s committed to providing accurate and insightful information to help readers make informed decisions about cannabis use. When not writing, he’s exploring new strains, attending industry events, connecting with fellow cannabis enthusiasts, or teaching his Lhasa Apso some new tricks.

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