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Dec 4, 2022
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Psychedelics Weekly – Cannabis as an Adjunct Cancer Treatment & 5-MeO-DMT Reactivations

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In this week’s episode, Joe and Alexa talk about the excitement brewing around our first conference-meets-festival, Convergence (March 30 – April 2 at the Wisdome in LA), and some of the sponsorships starting to come in (interested? email Alexa@psychedelicstoday.com).

Then, they dive into what intrigued them the most this week: a study looking into potentiality and possible causes of 5-MeO-DMT reactivation (and what reactivation actually is); New York cannabis farms sitting on $750 million worth of cannabis as the government drags its feet on licenses; and the story of a woman who used cannabis and psilocybin as an adjunct to standard therapy in the treatment of advanced metastatic breast cancer.


Convergence (Use code PTINSIDER10 for 10% off!)

Thebrothersapothecary.com (Use code SHROOM for 30% off)


Psychedelics Today 236 – Drugs: Honesty, Responsibility, and Logic, featuring: Dr. Carl Hart

Psychedelics Today 268 – PCP, 5-MeO-DMT, and The Synthesis of New Psychedelics, featuring: Hamilton Morris

Frontiersin.org: Reactivations after 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine use in naturalistic settings: An initial exploratory analysis of the phenomenon’s predictors and its emotional valence

YouTube: Norm Macdonald talks LSD

Psychedelics Today: HPPD and Flashbacks: Everything You Need To Know – And What We Don’t Know, Too

Bloomberg.com: New York Cannabis Farms Have $750 Million of Weed — and Nowhere to Sell It

Grace Health & Wellness

Journals.sagepub.com: Raising awareness: The implementation of medical cannabis and psychedelics used as an adjunct to standard therapy in the treatment of advanced metastatic breast cancer


Lucid.news: Researcher Charles Nichols Studies the Impact of Psychedelic Substances on Inflammation

Righttotry.org: What Is Right To Try?

Leaf411.org: The cannabis nurse hotline

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