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Nov 24, 2022
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Psychedelic Holiday Gift Guide: Our Top Picks

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This isn’t your average holiday gift guide. You won’t find personalized picture frames, the latest Apple gadgets, bestselling cookbooks, or product recommendations for “him,” “her,” and the “grandparents.” Instead, you’ll find a psychedelic holiday gift guide for the psychonaut explorers and wellness buffs in your life.

You know them. The loved ones caught sporting mandala beads, eating non-GMO everything, and loyally shopping Etsy for their home decor. These shroom, cannabis, MDMA, and LSD-lovers need a holiday gift guide, too–and we’re thrilled to give you one.

Third Wave’s psychedelic holiday gift guide offers a curated list of hippie-approved products covering a broad spectrum of conscious categories. All items are 100% legal, so you won’t find trippy compounds here. Still, you’ll discover a DIY mushroom grow kit, psychedelic integration journals, intuitive wearables, herbal remedies, award-winning books, and microdosing alternatives.

Here we offer a psychedelic holiday gift guide with nine of our favorite products.

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