Pop Up?.. Nah!

"Granted, you may luck up on a quality pop up with quality flowers/products. We all gotta start somewhere. I look at it like if a dude is smart and the way.."

I remember when DC first loosened the restrictions on recreational cannabis and legal “donations” for cannabis. All of a sudden you had these “pop up” spots at a random house in DC, or even more hotter at a hotel somewhere. Let’s look at these joints that can be tantamount to the wild, wild, west…

Sour Diesel

A partner of mine was going frequently when they first were on the scene. He was sleeping on just hitting up Select Co-Op. He learned, but.. Anyways, his experience was the old snake oil salesperson. Consistently, bags were labeled with shit one could obviously see was not what it said. Bags of Sour Diesel looking like nuggets of Kush… That is the mild side… Just like the wild west let’s not talk about the bushwhackers! I know a dude that was beat and robbed for his stash outside of a pop up spot. When you think of it, it’s kind of smart. If shady dudes catch you going to your car with your stash alone they know you ain’t calling the cops and you are outnumbered and outgunned. They just aint focusing on the suppliers to get either!

Well, you may say let’s eliminate that problem by doing a pop-up at a hotel in a nicer neighborhood of NW, DC. OK, you may have a “safer” environment, but now you are hotter than a damn sauna. Traffic in and out of a hotel room is always drawing suspicion. I won’t name the company that was doing that shit out of the owner’s personal residence. Needless to say neighbor’s called the cops and he was raided. He and customers on site were arrested. 

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Granted, you may luck up on a quality pop up with quality flowers/products. We all gotta start somewhere. I look at it like if a dude is smart and the way the rules are in DC now, it makes no sense to do a pop-up. I question the thinking of why set it up, then I definitely question getting something from someone not thinking everything through.  

With COVID resurging I am thankful my guys at Select do pickups outside. Easy, no hassle, no drama, and no bullshit. Lingering to shop at a pop-up is like hanging out at a bar or restaurant. I play it safe these days and avoid crowds of people and hanging with folks I do not know.