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Pink Panty Dropper Strain Review

The Pink Panty Dropper, G-String Popper, a miracle strain don’t let me stop ya, from rolling up an Optimo like Big Poppa. OK. I tried. That is a name for a strain though. I mean, Pink Panty Dropper. I had to grab that from Select Co-op.

pink panty dropper art

This strain is across of Burmese Kush and a Florida Kush strain. Burmese Kush is a beautiful Kush in taste and effect. Both shine through in Pink Panty Dropper… The microphone rocka, no couch locka! Ok, I’ll stop. This strain is an evenly balanced Kush.  

Pink Panty Dropper can get upto 14% THC levels. It is considered indica dominant, but I was very functional on a lightly sedative energy. Be careful as some suggest couch-locked is inevitable. The taste is a blast of strawberry fuel; like a berry blast of octane. The earthy decadently sweet flavor is nicely contrasted by the sharp chem-diesel contrast.  

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