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Pink Cookies Strain Review

Pink Cookies

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Pink Cookies Strain Review

This does not sound appetizing. I think of those pink snowball treats at the corner store growing up. Those were absolutely disgusting. However my guy at Select Co-Op recommended this so I had to grab it. Let’s check out Pink Cookies.

pink cookies art

This definitely does NOT taste like those nasty pink snowballs. Pink Cookies is a crossing of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Sometimes this strain is known as Wedding Cake. The taste is beautifully sweet. It literally tastes like a berry pie with cookies baked into it. The THC levels on this strain can get up to 20%.

This strain is considered an indica. I disagree. It is hybrid. Its parents are awesome sativa hybrids. This strain is heavier and more relaxing than its parents. However, enough of the sativa elements come through to balance the body relaxation and pain relief.  

Pink Cookies
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