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Pink Cookies Strain Review

I’m going to be hones the name Pink Cookies Strain caught my attention but I should have asked someone at Select Co-op delivery dispensary about this strain before buying it. They always answer my questions. I simply was impulsive and got it to try some out without even looking it up. No worries; I simply was not looking for a heavy indica.

Pink Cookies strain, aka Wedding Cake, is an indica of unknown percentages. I do know that the strain is heavy and for night time use. This strain put me out after the couch-lock was in full effect. The lowest THC that pink cookies strain has reached is 17% but the highest rate is coming in at a huge rate of 24%. Pink Cookies has approximately 1% of CBD, with the strain leaning towards Sativa and Indica. The delicate strain sometimes mixed with terpenes is perfect for recreational users who need to be happy and content during their escapades. 

Pink Cookies strain has a surprising flavor. This strain is the product of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. I would suspect that the result should have fruity, nutty, or and/or sweet flavors. WRONG! In my Charlie Murphy Voice (RIP)… Pink Cookies smells and tastes of piney, spicy, and peppery earth elements that are a little harsh on the exhale. This beautiful strain is quite festive and full of sweet notes with robust pepper flavor. A perfect balance of tart and sweet with a backend of earthy spiciness that will delight your palate.

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