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Pineapple Muffin Strain Review

Cue my DJ clue metal voice echo… “New strain, new strain, new strain”, Select Co-op is consistently coming with top shelf fire as of late. They always got that fire… Like the name of one of their new strains this shit right here has been “petrol on fire“. Let’s check out Pineapple Muffin.

Pineapple Muffins Art

This strain is the definition of balanced. It also defines eclectic as you get the best of its parent strains all around. Pineapple Muffin is the child of Blueberry Muffin, Pineapple, and Trainwreck. We just broke down the indica to sativa lineage as well. Blueberry Muffin is a heavy indica, Pineapple is a balanced hybrid, while Trainwreck is a top flight sativa. All of this combines to give you an amazing pineapple cake taste with berries sprinkled on top; a nice body relaxing high that slowly builds over time giving relief from stress, pain, and anxiety; and sativa mental focus to still get shit done.

Pineapple Muffin can get up to 20% THC levels. This strain also can provide around .15% CBD which gives the amazing body relaxing effects. The effects of this strain are almost perfectly balanced. Indica lovers can enjoy the body effects while sativa lovers will enjoy the mental focus and euphoria.

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