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Phantom Arrow Strain Review

There are indicas and there are indicas. My stereotype of indicas is they are for bedtime and pain relief… Mostly for bedtime though! However a phantom can be a mysterious being that is hard to decipher… Kinda like this strain.

Phantom Arrow is the product of crossing Purple Arrow and Phantom Kush. As soon as you hit this you are shot with a phantom arrow of insatiable hunger. Damn, this shit had me ravenous! I ate the children snacks for the next day and had to go shopping… Do not judge me!

Phantom Kush

This Phantom Arrow indica will have you more relaxed than sleepy. The taste is amazing! It has the flavor of super sweet grape candy or a berry milkshake. My experience is super sweet indicas give the munchies and this definitely does! The strain can get up to 20% THC levels.

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