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Petrol on Fire Strain Review

This is a strain named to intimidate, entice, and spark interest. Petrol is a name to arouse connections to fuel that energizes… As well as Menace to Society.” Who got snaps on the petro”?  Petrol on Fire is something I had to try. Now Select Co-op premiered there limited strains everything over there is “on fire”.

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I have heard the breeders of Petrol OG said “it is one of their most potent OG’s to date.” Well Petrol on Fire is a crossing of Petrol Og and Hellface on Fire. If you look at these lineages what we have is an eclectic strain that arises from crossing some potent beauties. Oh yeah… Cue my DJ Clue metal echo voice…”new strain, new strain, new strain”!

Petrol on Fire is an indica dominant hybrid. Sour Diesel and White fire are in its lineage, which are top flight sativas. The result is Petrol OG hits with focused Euphoria and elating energy. The sativa energy comes on potent and fast. Gradually the indica side arises giving potent body relaxation and pain relief. The sativa and indica element combine beautifully for a relaxed and focused experience. Still definitely use in the evening for optimal 4:20 enjoyment!

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