Period Got You Down? How to Beat Back PMS and Period Symptoms With CBD and CBN Products

Being a woman comes with many victories and strengths as well as some woes – one of which happens around every 28 days – your monthly period. While the regularity and other aspects of your period can indicate overall health, even the healthiest women in child-bearing years deal with period woes like mood swings, cramping, and other annoying symptoms. You may have go-to products that help you with these issues, like over-the-counter medicines, hot water bottles, and even a glass of wine. But what if there was a more natural way to treat all the symptoms simultaneously? There is, and it can be found in both CBD and CBN products. They can help your period issues and even treat more serious reproductive problems like endometriosis. Keep reading to learn more about the two, their differences, and how they can help you deal with the more irritating aspects of womanhood. 

Sleep Cycles 

Another cycle that can be disrupted during your period is how much sleep you get. While plenty of women find they sleep more during PMS and their period, just as many find deep restorative sleep more difficult to come by. CBN is proven to be more helpful in aiding sleep than CBD, but both products can help you catch more Z’s if you take them an hour or two before heading to bed through their relaxing benefits. 

Treating Pain 

While CBD products have many pain benefits when it comes to your period, there are other ways to deal with the painful symptoms of your menstrual cycle. CBN gummies may be better for sore breasts, abdominal cramping, headaches, and pelvic cramping. CBN is more helpful when it comes to treating pain than traditional CBD products.

Massaging With Salves & Oils 

CBD-infused oils and salves are one of the best ways to banish painful menstrual cramps and lower back aches during your period. These products are designed to work directly on the affected area; they are applied, and since life and responsibilities don’t cease just because you’re on your cycle, throwing one in your handbag or backpack can be a lifesaver when those pains come on. 

CBD Bath Salts 

One of the best feelings when you’re on your period, is a nice, hot bath to relax and unwind in. CBD bath salts can not only help your body relax through the Magnesium in the salts, which soothes aching muscles and eases pain, but the CBD adds the calming touch you need when your brain and body are frazzled during your cycle. 

Suppositories for Period Pain 

Did you know that the pelvic region of the female body has one of the highest concentrations of cannabinoid receptors? If you find one cycle to be more painful than your typical cycles, it’s worth investing in CBD suppositories to get instant relief. It’s worth mentioning you can’t use a tampon along with a CBD suppository, so opt for pads, a cup, or period underwear instead. 

Make or Buy Edibles 

Many people prefer to consume their CBD through edibles, and plenty of women report serious food cravings during their period. Indulge your desire for chocolate and symptom relief by baking some CBD brownies, or head to your local dispensary to see if they have some pre-made edibles to satisfy your cravings. Period pain relief in one bite? Yes, please!

CBD Tampons 

There are so many options on the market to deal with our period flow, from cups, pads, period underwear, and of course, the tampon. But, tampons have gotten a major upgrade through the CBD industry with CBD-infused tampons that can prevent leakage and reduce the inflammation “down there” that leads to pain. These products are carefully regulated and provide just the right dosage of CBD or CBN to relieve pain and protect your panties. 

Being a woman is amazing, and getting your monthly cycle is a small price to pay for being strong, brilliant, creative, and beautiful creatures. But, if your period is causing you problems, you don’t have to suffer in silence or take pharmaceuticals that may come with unwanted side effects. Implement some or all of the abovementioned ways that CBN or CBD products can improve your period problems. 

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