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Stoner Toolkit To Ensure You Can Enjoy The Perfect Smoke Session Everywhere

Stoner Toolkit is for a busy stoner that always wants to be prepared and never find themselves running out the door without having anything rolled up to smoke where they are going. A great solution is to pack a stash or to go back filled with all the elements that you need to enjoy marijuana on the go. 

The Bag:
First is the bag. You’ll want to choose a bag that’s small enough to stash in your car’s glove compartment or in the bottom of your purse, but big enough to hold your essentials. Another important detail about your stash bag is that it’s smell-proof, especially if you would like to keep your stash a secret. 

Stoner Toolkit

Critical to any smoke session is fire. So pack your favorite lighter plus a backup. Tuck a few matchbooks from your favorite restaurant inside, here’s where they may come in handy. 

Smoking Materials:
You’ll want to be sure to pack raw papers, tips, a packing tool, or, if you prefer to smoke bowls make sure that you have a clean bowl or whatever tool you need to smoke. 

Stoner Toolkit

While grinders aren’t absolutely essential, you will be grateful if you pack one. You can break down weed by hand, but who wants marijuana residue underneath their fingernails. Grinders make processing weed easy, which is something to appreciate. While you can turn to other tools on the go to chop up a nug of weed the functionality of a grinder cannot be replicated! A grinder is a fantastic carrying case for small amounts of weed. A grinder is a weed tool every stoner needs, especially if they want to collect kief.

Stoner Toolkit

A Tube:
Glass tubes can be used to store joints. It keeps them fresh and safe. This way you could pre-pack a few joints to take with you. You can buy glass tubes from craft stores, or you can buy a pre-roll and reuse the tube from that.

Don’t overlook the power of a snack. This is the ultimate pro-tip. Keep a little sugar in your stash bag, have on hand should you get hangry, or for a day when you just need a little chocolate to get you through. I like to keep something sweet just in case I get the munchies. Small snacks like chips, Kind bars, Lindt truffles, bags of mini snickers/milky way/Twix are great to keep in your bag.

Stoner Toolkit

Dry lips can be an unfortunate by-product of a smoke session. Store some chapstick in your stash bag to prevent looking crusty.

Water Bottle:
Every stoner needs a water bottle. Be kind to the environment and make it reusable. It can come in handy if you need to change your bong water or fill your bubbler. Since smoking can be rough on the throat water is a great tool to soothe the burn. Reusable water bottles allow you to stay eco-conscious. 

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