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Peach Diesel Strain Review

This is wonderful decadence. Peach Diesel is a beautiful crossing of the savory and luscious Peaches and Cream with the pungent dank of Sour Diesel. The result is a sativa dominant stain. This is get up and go time! On first hit elation, euphoria, and glee give rise to creativity, motivation, and action. If you have plans or you may be aimlessly cleaning the house off this strain in a whirlwind of activity.

The flavor of this strain is what sets it apart. On inhale the smoothness of peaches and sweet cream overrides the taste buds. You want to hold it for a second; then this rush of potent diesel fuel exudes and the exhale. It shocks you like where did that come from? A precursor of what is to come are the sweet and pungent aroma arising from the buds.

As the effects of Peach Diesel are light and fun this is how the bud structure displays as well. Rounded fluffy bright and light green nuggets are engulfed by sapphire hairs with layers of radiant trichomes. THC levels of this strain range from the mid to high teens (15 to 19%) making this an ideal strain for daytime use. Enjoy physical activity or being creative in the home, studio, or workshop.   

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