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Peach Diesel Strain Review

Peaches and Diesel aka Peach Diesel is what it is. Nothing to play around with the name here. You got Peaches and Cream mixed with Sour Diesel. We got sweet and sour, oil and water, Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens (my bad just had a flashback to my favorite season as an Eagle’s fan that ended bittersweet). Anyway, the point is let’s see how these opposites pair up.

Peaches and Cream is a blend of the Chemdawg, Super Silver Haze, Maui, and Grape Kush. Peaches and Cream by itself has an awesome taste and is a beautiful sativa… But add some Sour Diesel to it and you get the best of both worlds. Peaches and Cream bursts through with sweet and creamy flavors of decadence that combine with the dankness and sourness of diesel for an awesome balance of flavors.

Peach Diesel has a THC level that can get up to 20%. This strain is said to be 70/30 sativa dominant. While I definitely felt the sativa focus, clarity, as well as motivation; the body relaxing pain relieving effects are also present. One of the best kept secrets of Sour Diesel is it contains terpenes that promote pain relief and reduces inflammation. Peach Diesel is a perfect anytime of day strain.

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