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Papaya Strain Review

What if I told you everything you knew about indicas was a lie! Well, I ain’t going that far but this has me questioning previous experiences. Papaya is labeled as an indica dominat hybrid. This unique tropical fruit is the offspring of Mango, Citral #13, and Ice #2 creating a suprisingly unique blend. Back to the energy…you feel body relaxation …and yet, you want to do stuff, move, enjoy the moment. I felt like wanting to kiss life!

The THC level can be 20 to 25%. Ok I know couch lock is coming right…in my Charlie Murphy voice (R.I.P.) wrong! wrong! Yes, I feel the body relaxation. Yeah, I feel  the much needed relief in my knee that clicks more than an Amazon Fire remote control. The body is relaxed but light, creative, cerebral energy abounds up high in the mental atmosphere.  

Although the indica effects are in question, I would not use Papaya as an early morning or pre-workout strain. The effects in question are couch-lock vs, functional in life…but what is not questionable is the taste. The name is accurate. You get a light but sweet tropical flavor on first pull. On the back end a spicy earthy flavor exudes on the exhaleas a bonus. The appearance of this strain is papaya light-orange which easily explains the name of the strain  The bud is light and fluffy with stringy hairs pertruding. Its cute. I lean towards sativas as a user. However, papaya defies labels, logic, and and a categorizations outside the label of “excellent”!  

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