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Papaya Strain Review


The scent of this strain actually smells somewhat similar to a papaya. Outside of that I have no idea why this strain is called Papaya. It does not look or taste like Papaya at all. I’m just saying…

Papaya Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Papaya is a serious indica. Now that it is getting colder I tend to go to bed earlier and wind my evenings down earlier. Papaya is perfect for such occasions. Papaya has tranquilizing effects that almost put your perceptions in slow motion. This is a HEAVY indica.


Papaya is the result of crossing Citral and Ice strains. The result is a 70% indica dominant strain that can offer up to 25%. THC levels and 1% CBN therapeutic benefits. Papaya tastes of slightly sweet spices and earth elements. Do not be surprised if you find yourself focused intently on watching TV on this strain, although you may not notice the TV isn’t even on!