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Nov 10, 2020
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Papaya Punch Strain Review

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This is one of those cases where one something cannot be easily categorized or put in a box. Oftentimes things are not either/or, but are a spectrum of many things. That is what Papaya Punch is all about, a spectrum of eclectic effects.

Papaya Punch Art

Papaya Punch is the product of crossing Papaya and Purple Punch. That is simple and straightforward. It is said to be indica dominant. That is not so straightforward. This strain offers an amazing balance of sativa and indica effects.

First the mind is hit with a blast of social, creative, and at the same time introspective energy. Great for a conference call you must but do not want to be on…soon the body will relax and you will just be chill while stile attentive and focused. Yet, for me after about 90 minutes to 2 hours it changed into a tranquilizer dart and I was comatose. The strain tastes exactly like its name. Sweet elements of papaya and other tropical fruits blend with berries to form a syrup of smoke you will lick off your lips.

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