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Mar 25, 2022
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Pancake Ice Strain Review

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I probably should have written this review after coming down a little. I cannot get past the quandary of this name. My mind floods with all types of images trying to decipher this name. What is Pancake Ice? Is it a frozen pancake or frozen batter? Is it a pancake topped with an Italian icey or some kind of frozen syrup? Let’s dive in!

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The Pancake Ice strain does not in fact taste like a pancake. However, it has quite a unique flavor. his strain hits you immediately and sharpens your senses. It does have elements of sweet syrupy fruits balanced by a spicy peppery taste. Moreover, this strain focuses on the mind and can have profound effects on creativity and giddy conversations. Known to be a great conversation starter, this bud will help with mental energy.

Washington DC's Top Rated Weed Delivery

Crazy enough, this strain’s bred by the one and only Seth Rogan- making it a super rare find on the market. Pancake Ice can get up to 35% THC levels. That is not a typo…35% This strain is said to be 70% sativa leaning. Whatever it’s THC level, I’d be sure to grab this from Select Co-op while it’s around. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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