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Oreoz Strain Review

I do not partake in many indica strains. However, I needed some evening relief and Select recommended something that fit the bill. This is one of the best indicas I have tried. It also is Carlton Banks!

We are talking about Oreoz! Ok, to be fair that is not funny cuz if you saw the frat episode with Will and Carlton we learned don’t judge a book by its cover! Anyway we are talking about this awesome strain. Oreoz is the product of crossing Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon strains. It is no secret that this strain is an indica wonder!

Oreoz tastes like, Oreos dammit. Yes, you will taste a chocolatey, nutty, slightly minty, diesel treat. This strain will instantly have you euphorically giddy and happy to vibe with the moment. As you get hit with the munchies a relaxing chill mode will slowly engulf you. This strain is said to get up to 33% THC levels.

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