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Oregon Lemons Strain Review

The name of this strain is a conundrum. It is a contradiction I cannot get past. Oregon lemons is like saying Alaskan grapefruit, Russian pineapple, or Antarctic mango. How can tropical and citrus fruits grow in cold climates? Okay, that is my nerd side being piqued.

Well actually in Oregon you can grow a dwarf lemon tree as it must be moved indoors in the cool temperatures…anyway… Oregon lemon is a balanced 50/50 hybrid. This strain is the product of crossing Lemon Diesel and Face Off. The THC levels can get up to a potent 27%.

Having had both parent strains this strain is a beautiful eclectic blend of its parents. The Lemon Diesel provides a blast of euphoric focused sativa energy to the mind. Face Off is a heavy indica and those elements remain with Oregon Lemon. Expect the body to descend into extreme relaxation while the mind is charged and engaged. Lemon Diesel dominates the taste of this strain. It tastes of citrus fruit, lemons, and diesel.

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