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Orange Soda Strain Review

There is a connection here that you are going to see. This strain makes me think of summer at my grandmother’s house. They were southern retired folk that had like two freezers and two fridges and a back room filled with food. We never saw such a stockpile. We would take an Orange Soda from the fridge, take a sip and forget about it. We wasted so much of it. I’m just amazed how we could just take it. Our mother would have shut that shit down!

Where am I going. Orange Soda strain is the product of crossing Tangie and Grandma’s Cookies. See the Orange Soda bringing me back to Grandma’s Cookies…OK, anyway. Orange Soda is a strain that can get up to 27% THC levels. It offers .05% CBD that honesty is not worth mentioning; but I did.

Orange Soda is said to be 70% sativa dominant. This is a great wake and bake sativa that focuses the mind in an upbeat energized positivity that has a nice body calming yet engaged aspect to it. I almost forgot to mention due to my reminiscing… Breaking out the Grand-Daddy IU singers; “this is ,something, something new… From Select to you”! Enjoy this newly created strain.

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