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Orange Sherbert Strain Review

Orange Sherbert Strain Review, is in the lineage of sunset sherbert. I like this strain, but I do not like its name at all. It is more of a preference from childhood. I want to slap the person that thought of orange as a flavor for sherbert. It is simply not an ice cream/sherbert flavor.

Sunset Sherbet

Now that I am past my childhood trauma concerning sherbet flavors, kinda…let’s check out Orange Sherbert. This strain is in the lineage of Sunset Sherbert. This is a rare strain so grab it while Select has it. Orange Sherbert is an equally balanced hybrid.

Sunset Sherbet 2

You get the best of both worlds with Orange Sherbert. Instantly a rush of cerebral focused energy that uplifts the mood as well.  Slowly a relaxed body buzzz ensues that is not heavy or couch-locking at all. Orange Sherbert tastes of citrus flavors, creamy tropical fruits, and piney herbal elements.  

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