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Orange Hill Strain Review

I remember that joint Sugar Hill by AZ. The height of the R & B blending of the “hard” hip-hop. It seemed like everybody had a Mary J. Blige sounding hook on their singles. I remember the movie Sugar Hill as well. I didn’t like that joint at all! Never heard of Orange Hill or why even name the strain as such. Let’s check out Orange Hill though.

Orange Hill Special, aka Orange Hill is said to be a 50/50 hybrid. Orange Hill sounds like a B category corny horror movie or a bad finishing wrestling move. Anyway, Orange Hill is the product of crossing Orange Bud and Californian Orange strains. Is there a California Bud already in creation? They had the perfect setup to knock it out the park… California Bud is a no brainer as this strain’s name. Ok, Ok the strain can get up to 20% THC levels.

Orange Hill Art

However, once smelling and tasting this strain you see the name Orange had to be in the strain’s name. It does smell like you are in an orange grove or someone is holding a fresh orange peel right in front of your face. The strain tastes of freshly squeezed orange juice with some tropical flavors in there as well. This strain’s cerebral effects are instant and powerful providing an uplifted focus, and some may say then couch locking, however, I did not get that. For me it was a wave of relaxation that had me taking the day at ease while being able to function throughout the day.

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