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Orange Diesel Strain Review

I am not disappointed, but this is just not what I expected. Anything Diesel, my go to strain, I assume is a sativa energy mixed with something for flavor, but the Diesel usually dominates the experience. Not in this case!

Sour Diesel

I should have asked my guy at Select, but I saw diesel and just ran with it. Orange Diesel, or Sour Orange Diesel, is the combination of crossing Sour Diesel and Agent Orange. It is said to be 60/40 sativa. Ummm that is never diesel like. It can get up to 16% THC levels. OK, again not my diesel.

Agent Orange

I should know if Agent Orange is involved, aka Donald Trump, things do not turn out very good. The strain tastes of sweet oranges and diesel. Nothing fancy, but an Orange Diesel flavor. There is no couch lock, but there is no energy either. This strain will have you chill and social, but I wanted that get up to work out diesel energy. Live and learn!

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