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Orange Cookies Strain Review

I like names that entice me, sound exotic, and/or make you imagine the craziest of strain conceivable. Orange Cookies strain is simply a boring name. When my guy at Select! recommended I grab it i just headed advice. They never steer me wrong! I mean the name Orange Cookies is just what you think it is. Orange something…(in this case Orange Juice) crossed with Girl Scout Cookies. Zero points for name creativity!

Big points on this strains effects though! The of Orange Cookies lineage has a few Kush strains intertwined with the Girl Scout Cookies (obviously) and Orange Juice. The result is a cerebral mental effect that is blissful, euphoric, and divine to behold. On first hit a sweet orange and light cookie flavor combine with some dank Kush undertones to leave the palette begging for more. I definitely obliged the palette and each toke is an enjoyable blend of sweet skunkiness.

Orange Cookies registers THC levels in the low to high teens. The body effects are not potent. The indica effects of this balance hybrid or more for treating anxiety or to provide a calming mental effect as opposed to treating chronic pain. The moderate THC levels and its balanced nature make this an ideal daytime strain for relaxing and enjoying its smooth taste. The effects will not hit hard but just offer a gradual increase of euphoria and mild relaxation.