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Orange Ape – Hybrid Strain Review

“Yes y’all.” In a static echoing voice like Clue mix-tape from the 90s…”New Strain, New Strain”! I enjoy the anticipation and exploration of coming across a strain I can’t find any information concerning its origins. As breeders are churning out prolific and potent new concoctions its a pleasure when I get to be one of the first to review. Orange Ape is a well-balanced hybrid, Lets get into the effects.

I suspect this has some parental lineage involving of Grape Ape and Agent Orange. It would make sense as Orange Ape provides some nice uplifting, creative, and cerebral mental effects. Grape Ape is known for being a fruit punch tasting but hard-hitting indica. At first hit a rush of energy surged and I ended up putting on some Jhene Aiko while food prepping. Eventually a nice body relaxation began to creep on; but the mind stayed active and engaged. This is could be used as an day-time or evening relaxing strain. I was not to amped after the sativa effects began to wear down. I suspect a moderate THC level probably not higher than low 20 percents.

Orange Ape is provides an eclectic blend of sights, smells,and tastes. At first glance the contrast  of the bright orange and purple hairs swirling around dense buds of light and dark green hues is enticing. Layers of trichomes decorate these conical structures. As you break open the buds scents of orange and tropical fruits combine with grape and berry flavors backed by a subtle earthy scent reminiscent of Kush strains. First pull hits you with blast of orange grape soda mixed with a little pineapple juice and Dr. Pepper. The sweet and subtle spiciness of the flavors combine beautifully. This is strain to get for its balanced effects and amazing taste.

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