On The Grind

Know the golden rule of cannabis people. God made fingers for pointing and grinders for preserving the cannabinoids of trichomes. Though, you may enjoy the sticky icky all over your fingers and looking at the fine crystals on your appendages; but that is damaging the THC packets called tricromes…as well as transferring body oils onto the flowers. We will explore three types of grinders in this article; 4 piece grinders, 2-piece grinders, and electric grinders. We are looking at types and materials used not brands in this article.

Why, choose a 4-piece over a 2-piece grinder? There are only a couple of benefits, but to me they are worth the few dollars more. A 4-piece grinder catches the ground flowers in a separate container after grinding it. Why is this important? It sucks to open the grinder and have flowers fly everywhere. Its a waste of time and bud! The next feature is the kief catcher. At the bottom of a 4-piece grinder is a screened compartment for catching the fine particles.

What is accurately informs us kief refers to the particles of resin glands containing the terpenes and cannabinoids of cannibis. What? Its just what gives weed the taste, flavors, and effects. Thanks for the simple explanation Shopbotanistohio.comKief is like a concentration of the best elements of a strain. Kief builds up over time at the bottom of a 4-piece grinder. Users sprinkle kief in a joint, on top of a joint with resin, or to top a bowl for extra THC kicks! 

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Quick side note. I got 4-piece and 2-piece in my mind so much I’m thinking about boxing and a KFC commercial. Anyway…why choose a 2-piece grinder over a four piece. First may simply be cost and compactness. 2-piece grinders are less expensive and usual smaller so may easily be tossed in a pocket. Another slight advantage is that when its time to clean them a 2-piece grinder has less parts so is obviously easier to clean. Both will have resin build up and will need to be cleaned or the grinder becomes stuck together when trying to crush flowers.  Cleaning these are not difficult just simply annoying.

Don’t buy a plastic grinder. Spend a few more dollars for the quality of stainless steel. Plastic grinders are porous. That is to say smells, tastes, and flavors can leech into the material and contaminate quality strains with inferior elements from previous use. Stainless Steel grinders I found are sturdier as well as easier to clean. I could only see having a plastic grinder as an emergency back-up. I don’t like them at all. I have seen wooden grinders but have not used one. I will investigate and get back with you guys on that one!

The jist of this article is keep you hands of the bud! Save the crystals please. Enjoy your 4:20 experiences by preserving the best elements of a strain by properly breaking it down. Lastly, there are electric grinders. No! It is just a waste of time, money, and often weed. To me it’s like buying an electric back scratcher…if you can reach your hand back there with the bamboo thing, do you need help to scratch? I have seen weed get stuck, people at shop because the motor burnt out and I am looking at these contraptions like how lazy can folks be?!