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Old Toby Strain Review

I knew Gandalf was hitting something in that pipe. Dude seems to relaxed and chill when he kicks it with the Hobbits. Old Toby is named for the green Grandalf the Grey stays toking on… Snoop ain’t got nothing on Gandalf as an all day toker.

Allegedly, Old Toby is named for the cannabis smoked by Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings epic tale. I still do not get where the name Toby comes from in this case. It sounds like an old bloodhound that just lays around the house… OK anyway, not a lot is known about the origins of Old Toby. This strain is said to be an indica dominant hybrid. It does not hit like one.

Old Toby energizes and focuses the mind. This strain is a great boost for day-time work, writing, talks, or just chilling. This strain tastes of lemon, pine, and spicy earth flavors. In addition to its 18% THC level this strain can offer up to 10% CBD therapeutic effects. This is definitely not your typical indica.

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