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OH Jesus Strain Review

Oh Jesus, Oh My, Oh its great when I find a strain with a little information on it. Its like a chance to explore a new world of cannabis possibilities. OK, back to the review, this strain is kinda shrouded in mystery. We know it is a child of Jesus OG and is said to have elements of land races originating from: Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, and United States. That is a vague family tree. Might as well say it was grown on Earth as well. Lineage aside let’s see what it do. Appreciate the new strain Select!

Oh Jesus is sweet, Jesus! The first thing you taste is a blast of fruitiness. It reminds me of the Juicy Fruit commercials from the 80’s. A spicy tang follows behind it like you packed in too much Big League Chew from 7-11. The sweet fruitiness gives way to a spicy earth tone pine. The favors contrast and blend together at the same time.

I don’t have THC info on this strain. However, the effects would lead me to believe they are in the mid teens to possibly low 20%. The high is cerebral and invigorating with focused energy and euphoria. Its good for day-time as well as relaxing after work. Body relaxation does take effect gradually, but it is not couch-locking or heavy on the body. Be aware of dry-mouth and the munchies on this strain. Hydrate before and during as this will have you with sandpaper throat if not careful.