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OG Poison Strain Review

Poison in a strain’s name has me focused on an indica. Also on deception. BBD told us “that girl is poison”. Don’t trust a big but and a smile, but anyway’ let’s check out OG Poison.

Og Kush New

OG Poison is said to be a mysterious crossing from an unknown Kush phenotype and Durban Poison. Durban Poison is in it so it must be an active hybrid right? … WRONG in my Charlie Murphy voice. RIP brother. OG Poison is said to be up to 22% THC indica dominant nighty night experience.

Durban Poison Art3

The strain hits with a piney, earthy, dank element to it. This should be expected with a Kush strain. This is truly an evening whined down at the end of the night strain. Have water nearby and control the urge to eat everything in eyesight…

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