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Og #1 Strain Review

OG 1 Kenobi is a strain bred by Jedi Masters of the highest order to provide unlimited connection to the power of the force…well maybe not but this legendary strain has unknown origins rumored to be a cross of some strain of OG Kush. OG 1 Kenobi delivers an almost instant potent euphoria from first toke. What is to follow is rest and relaxation young padawan!

The THC levels of OG can be as high as 23%. The instant euphoria of the initial hit very soon morphs into wormhole of complete body relaxation, relief, and release from pain and tension. For this reason OG #1 is said to be ideal to address pain, fatigue, and muscle soreness. The buds have almost a light neon,almost yoda-like color to the nuggets swirling with reddish highlights, deep purples, and golden layers drizzled with resinous crystal-white trichomes. It is pleasure to behold.

OG #1 is definitely of this Earth. Upon breaking open the buds the spicy, peppery, woody aroma is quite distinct. The flavor is strong and slightly tickles the throat with its harshness.  Upon exhale there is a smoothness to the flavor that releases subtle hints of pine on the back end. The spicy flavor instantly invogates with amazing effects…but be prepared beforehand with supplies. Water, snacks already made, couch position should all be in place to just fall into an enjoyable couch-lock.

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