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Nirvana Strain Review

When I think of Nirvana the realm of perfect bliss an enlightenment comes to mind. I am not a Buddhist just been exposed to some teachings. I also think of Kurt Cobain and the Seattle grunge ban and his tragic suicide. Well this strain will have you on positive vibes!

Nirvana is the product of crossing Jock Horror and Oaxacan strains. The strain is said to be 75% sativa. I cannot tell. It could be 90% or 100%. This strain is for getting up, getting active, and getting shit done.

Nirvana can get up to 20% THC levels. The strain hits with immediate mental elation and a blast of focusing energy. The strain smells and tastes of a sour berry skunk flavor. The smoke is heavy and may have you coughing. It will only intensify the effects! Enjoy!

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