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Dec 28, 2020
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New Year’s Eve Planning Guide

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“As the ball drops the festivities can wind down with firing up some Diamonds, crystallate, shatter, or live resin hits. This is just a planning guide, LOL.”


2020 is almost over and 2021 is around the corner. Personally, I am tired not of 2020; but of people complaining about 2020. Thinking about life as if as if a span of 365 days is somehow different than the next 365 days because of numbers on a calendar is not how I roll.

Chocolate Acid Cookies

As we near the date that is accepted to celebrate the end of a year and the dawn of a new 365 day span I suggest prepping for festivities with Select Co-op. First I recommend grabbing some excellent sativa flowers to begin the evening. Chocolate Acid Cookies, New York City Diesel, Critical Orange, and Magic Melon are excellent choices depending on your flavor preferences. A nice sativa will elevate everybody’s mood and spark energy to maintain the partying pace!

What about some New Year’s eve party snacks that are also cannabis infused? Remember simply infusing butter with an ample amount of flowers by melting it and stirring in the butter over low heat will activate your flowers for cooking use. You may strain the flowers or leave it in the infused butter. Try Cannabis Deviled eggs out for your guests. Go all out and try Cannabis-infused bacon dip and/or marijuana spinach and artichoke dip. Recipes galore are available online.

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Select Co-Op also has a few edibles to balance out the effects going through the evening. The Belgium Chocobites are ideal for winding down with some CBD elements if the mind is racing too much from the sativa blasts from earlier in the evening. Or you could pop a few Gummies or enjoy a Chocolate Cake Pop lollipop as a transition between sessions.

As the night continues it may be time to break out the cannabis infused tequila, or vodka, or whatever is your choice of liquor. This requires 24 hours prep time so plan ahead. Take an 1/8th of your preferred flowers and heat in the oven at 240 degrees for about 25 to 25 minutes. Tightly wrap the activated flowers in a cheese cloth and place in the bottle with the alcohol. You may use a mason jar if you choose and let sit for 24 hours to a week. Shake every 8 hours. Drink wisely and be careful with this. This infusion creates a “crossfading” effect that can seriously have you and your guests FUBAR…. Fucked up beyond all recognition.

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As the ball drops the festivities can wind down with firing up some Diamonds, crystallate, shatter, or live resin hits. This is just a planning guide, LOL. 4:20 as you see fit until 12:00AM and/or beyond. As long as you bring in the New Year with fun, responsibility, and as high as you want to be!

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