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New Ultimate Trainwreck Strain Review

I always wondered why trainwreck strain was named as such. Not to mention an Ultimate Trainwreck. A train wreck does not inspire a desire to toke up. However, an urban rumor is that the growers had to harvest a crop of this strain early due to a nearby train wreck and did not want the crews of first responders stumbling on their harvest. Seems plausible…or just a good story. 

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However, we are speaking of Ultimate Trainwreck strain. The Ultimate moniker adds a more sedating and relaxing property to the original trainwreck. THC numbers are not known nor is the ratio of sativa to indica. Frankly, these are often “allegedly” made up or just a best guess. I use “allegedly” with my Desus and Mero sprinkles.

Ultimate Trainwreck smells of dank skunk but tastes of sweet citrus and fruity elements. This strain hits like a balanced hybrid that focuses the mind yet offers functional sedation that gets heavier as time passes but does not couchlock. Thanks for the recommendation Select Co-op! For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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