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Jul 13, 2022
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New Twisted Citrus Strain Review

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I remember the band Twisted Sister.  Friends in elementary school listened to them and exposed me to heavy metal.  Oh, my bad.  This strain is named Twisted Citrus.  It brought back memories though.

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THC Levels

Twisted Citrus is a 50/50 evenly balanced hybrid.  The folks at DC Cooperative guaranteed I would not be disappointed.  They are right, indeed; it tops out at 24% THC levels. 

Effects & Flavor

Twisted Citrus packs a robust citrus flavor balanced by sweet tropical flavors.  It’s smells like a bag full of oranges is cut open and the oranges halved for a soccer team. It is a wake and bake strain that invigorates the mind and motivates the body to get up and get going.  The genetics of this strain are a mystery but its potency is not! 

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